Thursday, February 17, 2011

A sunset for two

can I please order
a sunset for two?
with a sliver of crescent moon
and a sprinkling of stars- thank you,
some pickled orange clouds?
and a platter of white mist?

oh, also a lonesome beach,
the sandy- pebbly kind
just as to make sure
that the sunset’ll be worthwhile

and a special shooting star
by the end of the meal?
just to make a wish
to sign off the deal?

but please hold the sadness
none of the tears too
for this’ll be a party
from where all dreams come true

a very special sunset
a sunset for two

ලියා එව්වේ - මලිති (


  1. I couldn't read this enough yesterday to get the full feeling to leave a comment. I think the context is really nice (as always :D) with a little doubt about the order for the shooting star.

    Who is the owner of this environment serving restaurant? the almighty? if so, you may simply ask him for one thing without this all ;-)


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